Top 3 Variations of blackjack

When it comes to finding variations of the popular casino game blackjack it may seem like a daunting task especially with so many card games available. It can also be difficult to keep track of how each one is played but with a bit of time and research you will soon find variations that you love. Blackjack or 21 as its often referred to as is a card game in which players are playing against dealers in hopes of getting as close as possible to 21 without going over the amount. This game is played when at least one deck of 52 cards is used and each player is dealt two initial cards as well as the dealer and then compared to see who the winner is with the higher amount.

In blackjack you are only playing against the dealers so regardless of what the other player’s cards are they do not affect your hand. After all the players and the dealer have received their first two initial cards you will need to determine if you want to stand or hit. A hit would mean that you would like at least one additional card while stand means that you are satisfied with the cards that you have. Once you have all of the cards that you need the dealer will either need to stand or hit as well. If the dealer has 16 or less they are required to take a hit until their hand equals at least 17. Some casinos require that dealers take a hit on soft 17 which is when the dealer has an ace and a six but you will need to check the rules at each casino to see if they are required to take a hit or not. If both you and the dealer are able to receive the cards without busting you will then be required to compare hands to determine the winner. If any player or dealers cards equal 22 or more they have a bust which means they automatically lose and must fold their hand. If the dealer busts or your cards have a higher amount which is closer to 21 without busting you will win. If the dealer has a higher hand without busting then you will lose while if you two have the exact same total then a push would take place meaning you don’t win or lose.

A blackjack or cards that total 21 is the best hand that you can ask for. If your first two cards total 21 it’s an immediate win and you will be paid your bet 1 ½ times so if you placed a $20 bet you will receive $30 in winnings. Now that we understand the normal game of blackjack it’s time to look at a few of the variations of this game that people enjoy playing. If you love the game of blackjack but are looking for something new to try out you may want to consider Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch or Vegas Strip. Each of these games is fun variations of blackjack which gives you the same things that you love about the classic game but with a few twists.

Blackjack Switch is one of the more popular variations available and can be found in many different land based and online casinos. In this game it’s pretty much impossible to play without splitting so if you find that you are often taking the risk and splitting your cards in regular blackjack then this may be the variation that you are looking for. When playing this game you will have 2 hands of cards which actually give you more chances to win. You are required to place equal bets for the two hands and will have the ability to switch your two initial cards of the hands and while it may seem like an easy thing to do you will need to come up with a strategy that helps you to predict the outcome of the hand or what the switch can offer you or harm your hands.

When playing Spanish 21 you will be using a Spanish deck of cards which only consists of 48 cards total because the 10s are removed from the deck. The rules of this game have been changed around a bit to actually give the players an advantage unlike the original game. This game can be found in many different online and land based casinos so if you are ready to try something new then consider giving Spanish 21 a try. While it may take you a bit to get used to no tens being in the deck you will eventually get used to it and learn how it does give you an advantage.

The Vegas Strip variation of blackjack is a bit different and requires that 4 decks to be used. In this game a player has the ability to split aces only one time unlike in regular blackjack where you are able to split them as many times as you like. If you choose to split your aces you can receive only one additional card and you cannot choose to double after splitting. Also if you choose to split your cards you will lose out on any insurance bets that may be placed. This particular blackjack variation game is often found in different casinos in Las Vegas and online.

Whether you are looking to learn a blackjack variation game or just looking for something new to try all together these are 3 great choices and can be found at many of the online casinos. If you are unsure about the rules or how to play the new games consider watching others play in a real casino or use the free option online until you are confident that you understand how the game works and are ready to make your first real money bet. Blackjack regardless of what variation you choose to play is one of the most popular casino card games and is fun for players of all ages and interests.